PUBG: Does Season 4 Launch The Revival Of PUBG?

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Even though the royal battle still has an active community, we can not deny that the latter is on the downward slope, the players gradually abandoning it. However, You Can Check this PUBG Hack Download . has not said its last word, and season 4 could mark a significant shift in the future of the title.

When it was launched, PUBG quickly established itself as the game of the moment, seeing its number of players increase drastically by the day. Its peak in January 2018, ten months after its release, saw more than three million simultaneous users for several days. However, the launch of Fortnite: Battle Royale was a blow for PUBG Corp., even though the two titles are since the masters of the genre. Other royal battles have tried to shade PUBG, but few have been able to hold on to the duration, like Apex Legends, who tu the peaks before experiencing a heavy fall.

To strengthen its active community, but also to move forward, the fourth season has a lot of novelties and changes. It is also important to notify that PUBG Corp. chose to bring a semblance of narration, reverberating on the new version of the map Erangel. If we do not know the direction of this addition yet, no doubt that this axis will be developed in the weeks to come, and could seduce a lot of players, provided that it is well brought.

Erangel gets a new look

Since March 2017, when the title was launched, players have been able to discover three new cards, in addition to Erangel. The latter is therefore THE card of the royal battle, and even if it had already undergone some improvements, it began to age little by little. One of the highlights of this fourth season is a visual redesign of the iconic map. Indeed, if several areas were redone in their entirety, like the military base or Mylta Power, to name a few, others simply undergone a change of graphics, but it was not necessary to more to have the impression of rediscovering, with children’s eyes, some of the bloodiest clashes.

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All the textures of buildings, interior and exterior, have been redone, thus giving way to something more realistic, more modern. Some landscapes are also undergoing changes, not to mention improvements. For example, we can take the beach east of Primorsk, where tanks and other elements of war were implanted, referring to the trailer of season 4. For the moment, no interaction is possible, and all this is purely visual, to the delight of our eyes, but perhaps it will be useful soon.

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If we had to give an opinion on this new version, we could say that it is successful, and that it is surely the most important thing of this fourth season, since this redesign revives interest in Erangel, which was slightly neglected by the players. Nevertheless, we regret some textures appearing vulgar alongside novelties, such as ivy climbing on the walls, which tarnishes the image of this redesign.

Balanced vehicles and vehicles, improved skincare systems

As often, improvements and changes have occurred, and some of them have been well brought in by the developers. At first, for the sake of balance, some weapons have seen their damage be increased or decreased, just like the vehicles, which have experienced some changes, such as fuel consumption or acceleration. All of these changes, although minimal one by one, are, overall, quite appreciable, in order to find a perfect balance, so that each weapon and vehicle have strengths and weaknesses. You can find more information at this address

Another feature reviewed that could give you an advantage during your fights: the ease to heal. You will now be able to use a drink or painkiller while walking, while the bandages will automatically start after manually applying the first one to the 75% hit point. A small detail, certainly, but a big positive point highly appreciable, since it will be easier to recover from a fight, or to heal in full exchange of fire.

A pinging system has also been implemented to improve communication between team members who do not have a microphone. Thus, in a simple click, you will be able to designate an item to pick up, a place to join or enemies identified to your partners.

The Survivor Pass: Aftermath

Once again, players will have the opportunity, for twelve weeks, to complete missions to collect points and cross levels, awarding unique rewards, and tickets. Only cosmetic, we may regret the lack of diversity in the proposed skins compared to the amount to invest (9.99 euros), although there are quite a few, and for some particularly successful, to please many players. However, those opting for the free version will have to play very long hours to hope to unlock all the rewards.

Nevertheless, this is, from the point of view of the player, a purely optional aspect, not impeding the videogame experience. Another unfortunate point, the previous Pass survived to get hold of keys to open closed boxes, but the developers have chosen not to introduce these awards.

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In conclusion, if we omit the problems of networks and performances, being too present, PUBG could find its success of yesteryear in the coming months, provided to remain in continuity of what is proposed with this patch 4.1, it is ie focusing on balancing the game and proposing relevant improvements without offering new weapons and vehicles galore. The new version of Erangel is a positive point, with the sensation of discovering, at times, a new map, while the gameplay with a multitude of small modifications and adjustments is more pleasant and seems more balanced.